Refund Policy

OyeHelp has a 100% refund policy for all genuine cases. If you are not completely satisfied with your consultation for any reason whatsoever, OyeHelp shall refund the entire amount after deducting applicable connection charges and applicable taxes. The refund has to be sought within one week from the date on which the transaction has occurred. The refund request will be evaluated by an audit team (appointed by OyeHelp), who will get in touch with you through our customer care. The evaluation of the audit team will be final. Any customer attempting to fraudulently request a refund will be blocked from using the portal in future.


If your credit card/ debit card has been charged twice erroneously, you must go to the contact us page or support section in your account and fill out a request for the same. The same will be processed and done within 72 hours. Make sure you mention the order in your mail.

Cancellation will result in the payment gateway charges being deducted from the amount being returned.

Partial cancellation or refunds are not possible, i.e. if you have already used part of your balance and are then requesting a refund.

Cash cards / cheques / drafts cannot be refunded.