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I am a certified counsellor from CHII (California Hypnosis Institute of India) and Access Consciousness, Australia. Doubt is not real. It is your mind giving you reasons and excuses not to move forward. Your mind does not like change so when you begin to stretch and change your mind will give you all kinds of reasons and justifications why that is not a good idea. Your job is to recognize the crazy mind, and move ahead anyway. It will get quieter the more you ignore it. If you are really stuck then reach out and book a session I have been providing counselling services for over 10 years in the form of Alternate Healing, Depression counselling, Emotional counselling, Fear counselling, Stress counselling and have helped thousands of people in the process. You can schedule an appointment with me to get started.

Pre Marriage Counselling
Emotional Counselling
Past life regression therapy
Training Service Mind & Body Relaxation
Mariage Counselling
Alternate Healing
Depression Counselling
Emotional Counselling Services
Fear Counselling
Self Hypnosis
Distant Healing
Access Bars Therapy
Body Processes
Tarot Card Reading
Counselling for Students
Eating Disorders

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