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Doctor summary

Dr. Gautam Saha is a Psychiatrist in Kolkata. He specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental health disorders, including substance abuse disorders. Dr. Gautam Saha completed MD Psychiatry from Calcutta University. He is doing private practice as Consultant Psychiatrist iat his own Clinic BRAIN. 

Dr. Gautam Saha was earlier a Direct Council Members of IPS (2009 - 2012). Also he was the Secretary of W.B. State Branch of IPS and IAPP both. He is now the President of W.B. State Branch of IAPP and Chairman of Publication Committee of Indian Psychiatric Society and of Website Committee of East Zone, IPS. He is also Chairman of NGO and Advocacy Committee of IAGMH. He is Life Member of IMA and St. John Ambulance.

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Neuro Psychiatry
De-Addicted Treatment
IQ Testing
Management of Sexual Problems
Speech Therapy

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