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I am a certified Dietician and Nutritionist from SNDT University, Mumbai. I can help by give answers to questions like how to lose weight without dieting? What food should I avoid? I provide a 360 solution to my clients with fitness woes by adopting a very personalized approach and catering to each body type, eating preferences and many other things that go into consideration when making a lifestyle change. I have been working in several hospitals (like PD Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai) and running a private practice for over 4 years. Having successfully managed to help hundreds of people who come in with obesity issues, weight loss issues, lifestyle and stress related diseases on a daily basis, I'm sure I will be able to help you with your questions and concerns about your weight and lifestyle as well. To start, schedule an appointment with me, so we can do an initial assessment of the problem.

Obesity & Weight Loss
Obesity & Weight Loss

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